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Corporate / Executive / Business Headshot Pricing

Standard Corporate / Executive / Business Headshots

mages created in your place of business.

Headshot Pricing:

Because headshot pricing is based on a number of variables -- location, number of photos needed, etc, I cannot quote a blanket price.  

Please call me at (405) 850-5603 or CONTACT ME so we can discuss your specific needs, after which I will be happy to put together a quote for your specific needs.  


Please allow 15-30 minutes per person.

We will take 5-10 images per person.

All photos will be taken against a plain white, black, or grey background, in your conference room or other area within your place of business.  

ALL high resolution, fully edited images will be delivered via a password protected site, usually within 7-10 days.  



For all Headshot photography:

Payment is due within 7 business days of delivery of the finished photos.  

We will email an invoice when we send the link to the password protected website for you to download the finished photos.

Payment may be made by any of the following methods:

•  credit card (via the link included with the invoice)

•  PayPal (also via the link included with the invoice)

•  check (made payable to Don Risi)

A Different Approach To

Corporate / Executive / Business Headshots

More Ideas:

We love the idea of creating professional Corporate, Executive, and Business headshots in different places outside the studio or office environment.  Studios are boring.  People have seen your office.  FOR NO EXTRA COST than the Standard Headshots, we can take you out of those environments, and create your headshot in

  • parks

  • downtown

  • building lobbies


or any one of a million other places not normally thought of as places to create Executive headshots, but that will result in a different, exciting headshot that will make you and your employees really stand out.  Contact me, and let's discuss the possibilities.

Pricing and Payment:

The same as for Standard Headshots

Please note:

We reserve the right to use any photograph we take in our portfolio and advertising.  This may include, but not be limited to, this web site, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, or any other internet usage, and any and all print media. 

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