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What People Are Saying...

Here are some quotes about our photos:

Kaylene's shoot resulted in her being able to choose from over 300 great photos.  Here's some of what some of her friends & family had to say about those photos:


"This belongs in a magazine."

"Omg wow. You are vision. Don Risi these are all stunning."

Kaylene: “Thank you so so much for these photos!! I absolutely adore them.  You are incredible!

Loved shooting with the amazing Don Risi!”


Kaylene's Friends:

"You look awesome in every picture!"

"These are awesome shots!!!!!!" 

"These are insane!!!!!!!!"

"Gorgeous, and you look like you're loving every minute of it!"

"Absolutely stunning!"

"This photo is magnificent!"

"Mind blowing!"

Ellen:  "Thanks to Don Risi Photography for the wonderful photos. Such a blast shooting with you!"



Ellen's friends:

"So stunning!"

Darci: “The amazing Don Risi has done it again! Enjoyed working with this talented photographer! Check out all his amazing work!”


Darci's friends:



"These are beautiful!"

"Stunningly beautiful"



Shannon: “Awesome thank you so much! These are great!”


Shannon's friends:



Kaitlin's friends:




Katie: “Thanks so much. They are awesome!!”



Ashley: “Thank you so much Don! I absolutely love them!”



Sara: “Thank you so much for these awesome pictures!”



Emily: “I love love love them!!!! Thank you so much for capturing what I love the most! You are the best! I would love to work with you again sometime.”


Emily's Friends:


BEAUTIFUL pictures!




Your pictures turned out gorgeous!

Halston: “Thank you to the fabulous Don Risi Photography for capturing me when I'm doing what I love most.”

Halston's friends:


"Soo stunning!"

Darci: “Getting to work with Don Risi was one of the best opportunities! Thank you so much for these amazing pictures! I feel so beautiful in them! I hope to work with you again sometime!”


Darci's Friends: 


“Beautiful pictures!!


These are wonderful!! They capture both your inner and outer beauty; your talent and your spirit!!


These are awesome!


Awesome pics!”

"I love them all, they look great! Thank you so much!" -- Amy

"Thank you for the wonderful dance shots! Shooting with you was such a fun experience!" -- Jenn

"These photos are amazing! I had a wonderful time working with you. Thanks for the awesome dance shots and an amazing experience!" -- Kaitlin

"I am blown away. I have never had pictures like this. Thank you SO much! These photos make me feel so beautiful."  -- Kaytlin

"I absolutely love them!!! I cannot wait to put these on my website!  The shoot was so fun!" -- Jaclyn


"This is awesome!"

"I love this!!!"


"Fantabulous photo!"

"Great picture!!"



Jaclyn's friends, via Facebook

"Thank you Don Risi for the beautiful photos! They are wonderful!" -- Brenna

"WOW! I am so excited about these photos!!  I can't thank you enough for this experience and these photos. You were so great and a pleasure to work with." -- Elise K.


"Huge thank you to Don Risi for these amazing photos!" -- Megan


"These are 'wow' photos!" -- Linda (Megan's Friend)

"Don did a fantastic job!"

-- Lindsey


"Now that is a great headshot!"

-- Trish Clark, Executive/Artistic Director, Woodford Theatre, Versailles, KY


"Heyyy Ohhh! Don Risi thank you so much for this amazing photo, you are truly an amazing photographer!!"

-- Spencer


"This is sick! I love it."

"Killin it Spencey!!"

"Awesome pic!!!"

"Amazing photo!"


Spencer's friends, via Facebook

"Thank you Don for these fabulous photos!" -- Mary


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