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Portraits For Business: 

Prices & Information


Portraits for Business are quite often the client's first look at who they are considering doing business with.  As such, the headshot should convey a sense of what the individual is about.  


When creating Portraits for Business, we can host you or your emplyees in our studio, or we can travel to your offices or other location, to capture you and your employees in the environment your company works in.  


We always use high-powered, professional lighting equipment to light our portraits, so we are never at the mercy of the weather, and to guarantee a uniformity of style from emplyee to employee.  


Pricing for Portraits for Business is based on the following considerations:


The number of emplyees being photographed during one session

Whether the headshots will be used for web only, print only, or both

Whether the photos are being made in the studio or on location

How far the locatios is from the studio.  


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