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Portraits For Business: 









What is included in the Base Rate?  With few exceptions, the Shooting Fee covers everything, including the actual shoot, processing, and delivery of the final images on CD-ROM.  It also includes a license to use photographs for all print and electronic media for five years (Note that the license is not considered to be granted until payment is received in full).    We will come to your office or other place of business, shoot a number of photos of each person (exactly how many depends on many factors, but never fewer than 4, usually 6 or 8).  We will show you proofs, and retouch and completely finish two of those photos per person.  Not included in the Base Rate are travel expenses for shoots outside the OKC metro area, additional CD-ROMS, etc.

Do you use natural light or flash?  Executive portraits should not be flat, uninviting, and impersonal. Whether shot against a studio-type backdrop, or in your office, library, or other setting, we use a carefully controlled electronic flash lighting system to ensure your portraits are eye-catching and full of life.  In the case of environmental portraits, we sometimes use a balance of natural light and flash.


My office is in Ada, Oklahoma.  Can I still have my portraits made in my office?  Yes, however, for sessions outside the OKC metro, a travel fee will be added to the basic session fee.  Travel fees are based on standard mileage rates.


What kind of attire is most appropriate? Wear whatever attire you normally wear when conducting business. Solid colors are best; avoid prints.


What about Hair & Makeup? If you plan to get a haircut for your portrait, you should do so at least a week prior to your portrait session. We strongly recommend that women wear makeup for their portraits as it will even out your skin tone, and reduce the sheen from the skin's natural oils. In addition, we prefer to photograph men who shave regularly early in the day to prevent "5 o'clock shadow." Men with beards can be photographed any time of day.


Can I see the photos as you shoot them?  For many sessions, we are able to connect our camera directly to laptop computer, allowing you to see unedited proofs within seconds of when they are shot. This instant feedback means we can make changes and alterations without having to go through the expense, hassle, and frustration of a reshoot.  Connecting the laptop to the camera during outdoor sessions, however, is usually not possible.  We will, however, be more than happy to allow you to look at the photos on the camera's built-in LCD screen.  


When and how will I get to see my proofs? From the photos we shoot, we will choose what our experience tells us are the best. We will also eliminate any that are not perfect (such as photos where you blinked).  Within 72 hours of the completion of the shoot, we will post your photos to a website that only you will have access to. 


How long will I have to decide which photos I would like to have processed?  For your convenience, the website will remain active for 30 days from the time the photos are first posted.  


I have some blemishes that I don't think are very attractive.  Can  have those removed? Yes.  After you make your choices, we will do minor retouching to each (remove small blemishes, remove stray hairs, etc.), color correct them, and format them to 8x10 size. 


How will my finished photos be delivered, and in what format?  After completing work on your two favorites, we will copy them to a CD-ROM in both JPEG format (for uploading to your website) and TIFF format (for printing). We will enclose a release statement giving you permission to use any of the photos on the CD-ROM for your business advertising purposes. 


How long will all this take?  This process could take up to two weeks from the time you make your choices. 


There are too many portraits that I love for me to settle on just two.  Can I have more than two retouched and delivered on the CD-ROM?  Yes.  You can have additional images retouched for $50.00 per image. Additional photos to be retouched must be ordered at the time you choose your two original favorites, and must be paid for at the time of delivery of the CD-ROM.


What happens if I lose my CD-ROM or it becomes damaged, and my computer can't read it?  We will maintain all of your photos on file for a period of five years. Should you misplace your original CD-ROM, or if it becomes damaged, you can get a replacement for a $25.00 service fee, plus shipping and handling. After five years, you should have new portraits made.


Can I get prints?  Prints and enlargements are available in a wide variety of finishes, from lustre to glossy to canvas, in a number of sizes. Please note that because mounting, matting and framing are such personal issues, and there are so many possibilities, we do not offer mounting, matting or framing services. If you would like more information about prints, email me.


Anything else I need to know?  Yes, two things:  We do not accept checks (cash or any major credit card is acceptable), and we reserve the right to use any photo we take for advertising purposes. 


If you have any questions not already answered here, just send us an email, and we will answer than as quickly as possible.  


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