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Special Offer!!


You say you're a poor, starving student, and can't affored a one-on-one session?  


I understand.  So let me offer you a helping hand:


Bring a friend.


Or two.


Or three.  


Share the cost.  Share the studio and camera time.  


Instead of paying a $600.00 sitting fee, you'll pay a portion of that, depending on how many of your friends decide to come join the fun.


In other words:

  • Bring 2 or 3 friends, and split the cost up to 4 ways.  

    • Bring 1 friend -- split the price in half -- you each pay $300.00

    • Bring 2 friends -- split the cost 3 ways -- you each pay $200.00

    • Bring 3 friends -- split the cost 4 ways -- you each pay $150.00

    • Of course, this also means is that instead of you, as an individual, getting 3-4 hours in the studio all by yourself, you'll be sharing that time equally with your friends. 

    • Instead of shooting 200-300 photos of just you, we'll shoot 50-100 of you and 50-100 or each of your friends.  

    • Instead of you receiving a CD or DVD with 20 finished images, your CD or DVD will contain 5-10 finished images.  

  • You'll still get a release allowing you to make unlimited prints of those images, as well as permission to use them on your web page, or however else you decided.


PLEASE NOTE:  YOU are still responsible for the full $250.00 non-refundable deposit.  Should one or more of your friends not be able to make it to the shoot, YOU will still be responsible for the entire $600.00 sitting fee.