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Portraits are your "Once Upon A Time." 


Portraits should be very special things in our lives: they are our memories of what has past, of the way we and our loved ones were.  Of the places we've been, the friends we've made.  


Current trends in Portrait Photography lean very much toward the Environmental Portrait -- portraits shot outside the studio.  


Unfortunately, for many photographers, this means leaving behind the studio lights and the control they offer, relying instead on the sun, the clouds, the shade to control the lighting.


Or so it would seem.  We don't want to give up that control, so we bring our studio lights with us, outdoors, to your home, to your place of business.  Wherever you want your portraits made, we bring our studio with us.  As a  result, you get properly lit portraits, without the ugly blue color cast seen in so many photos shot outside in the shade. 


As with all of our photography, your portraits will be completely processed to make them the best they can possibly be.