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Please Stop Fixing What's Not Broken!

Don't you just love it when something's not broken, and whoever is in charge decides it needs fixing? Right here, in this little ol' blog, I'm having that very problem. The wonderful people at Wix have decided to "upgrade" the blog portion of their websites, which means everything -- and I mean everything, has changed -- layout, colors, how you do anything and everything.

I had everything arranged just how I liked it. I had the colors I liked, the layout. It all worked -- the way I wanted it. Now, it works the way they want it. Oh, sure, there are things that can be customized, but not nearly as many or as easily as before. What's really funny is that the reviews on the new blog are not good. I have yet to see one where anyone likes it. Bt we have been forced to this new thing, and we're stuck.

I used to use a 3rd party blogger, but that went the same direction -- unasked for changes that destroyed the ease of use and simplicity of it all. So since I was already on Wix, I moved to their blogger, and made something I kinda liked. Now I don't like much of it at all. On top of that, all of the tags I created over the last couple of years are not only gone, there is no way to tag the posts at all that I can find. That feature may very well be here, but it's so cleverly hidden . . . To add insult to injury, there are changes and additions to the regular Wix site workings that I and many others have been requesting for some time -- for at least a couple of years -- and nothing has happened with any of those requests. Did I mention that although I am supposed to have right-click disabled on my entire site, it's not the case on the new blog? It seems that they haven't made that a possibility on the new blog, even though they've forced us to move to it. They say they are still "deciding."

Nuts . . .

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